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Xanthos Large Geometric Wood Wall Art

Xanthos Large Geometric Wood Wall Art

Sustainably Sourced Material
Completely Hand Made


Babylon has always held a place as an important symbol for history of religions and Mesopotamian culture.

Being one of the most colorful civilizations, our admiration for Babylonian vibes are with us with fantastic colors and unique geometric patterns.

After many centuries of their existence, we’re proud to present you our tribute to the their magnificent culture!

Meet “Xanthos” our new single piece wood wall art with unique geometric patterns.

Hang it on the wall, or set it on the counter top. Designed to complement modern, contemporary, rustic and bohemian interiors with its unique style. They’re also an excellent gift idea!


Meet our tribute to “Xanthos,” a major city of Lycia, a gentle peninsula that lies along the southern coast of Turkey, on the Mediterranean Sea. In addition to being one of the most scenic landscapes of Turkey, Lycia in ancient times was the home of a famous league of republics.

Among the various civilizations that lived in Anatolia through the ages, the Lycians always held a distinctive place. Locked away in their mountainous country, they had a fierce love of freedom and independence, resisted all attempts at outside domination, and formed the “Lycian Confederation,” a democratic union that had influenced even the American Constitution after 2000 years of its existence. We feel lucky to share the same land with this civilization!

The rectangular shape of wooden art allows you to hang it vertically or horizontally, or lay it on the wall, whichever you prefer.

Whether you are looking for your home or workspace, it’s designed to complement modern, farmhouse, rustic, and bohemian interiors with its wood mosaic style. Handmade wooden artworks are also an excellent gift idea for a housewarming or for your loved one!



Height: 48 ” (122 cm)

Width: 24.4 “ (62 cm)

Thickness: 0.78 ” (2 cm)

We can also make you a custom-sized and colored piece or a complete one-of-a-kind, handmade decorative wood wall art designed just for you. Get in touch for more details and let’s create your perfect artwork together!



We produce wooden wall hangings from local kinds of Poplar and Pine tree which grows naturally throughout Turkey. It takes around 10 years of growth to harvest these trees, so we do our best to protect as much as we can by sustainably and ethically sourced raw materials.

You can now own a piece of the beautiful Mediterranean in the form of handmade creative wood wall art. Welcome to the Skal family.


Supporting Rural Livelihoods in Turkey:

We work closely with small groups of Turkish producers, handcrafting & woodworking workshops, and communities to sustainably source our raw material. We support rural livelihoods and small businesses by incorporating reclaimed wood and reusing excess raw materials we source in our productions.

By buying handmade wooden wall art from Skal, you are helping to support rural villagers, lumberjacks, and small businesses in difficult economic times. You are also helping us educate locals on alternative uses of excess materials with an environmentally conscious approach.


No Chemicals or Chemical Dyes:

Our wooden wall art panels use only natural, eco-friendly water-based dyes. We use no bleach or chemical treatments or dyes in our production process. Our dyes are certified as toy safe and contain low V.O.C content according to EU standards.

Our wooden wall decors are hand-finished with a mix of natural wood stains.

The hardware required to hang each piece, the saw tooth hanger is mounted behind each piece. You can easily hang each piece with just one nail on the wall.

Visit our sections of reclaimed wood wall art or rustic wood wall art to check out similar designs.


We do not mass-produce any of our designs, we operate on a made-to-order system. We will handmake your artwork after your order, which means all of our items are made with that bit more care and love – and you can see that in the finished item!

Our wooden wall accents are carefully handcrafted; small irregularities in the material’s surface are a natural and unique feature of wood, so they may differ slightly from the photographs in shape and color tone.

We do our best to avoid these irregularities on wooden wall art panels, check out 100+ positive feedback from our customers on our review page!


All our designs are entirely handmade and shipped in a custom wooden hard case made by us, for improved protection of wooden artworks until they are delivered safely to you.

We’ve shipped over 500 orders worldwide, we’re always at our customers’ side in case of any cargo damage, you’re in good hands! We will provide important information and steps of action right after your order is shipped.

Please contact us with any other questions; we are happy to help you.



For the important seasonal busiest dates, we recommend making your purchases well in advance to avoid the delivery companies’ bottlenecks that always happen on those dates.


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Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 122 × 62 × 2 cm


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