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About Us

About us

Story Of Love

We Believe That Every Home Needs A Touch Of Nature Combined With Stellar Design Aesthetics To Actually Call It A Home


For this reason, our every design has a story. Each of the designs created by our talented hands tells a story from a distant location on planet Earth to remind us that we are part of a whole. Collective cultural heritage of the humanity we are a part of is the foundation of the existence as well as reminder of there is no difference among us. The cultural aesthetics are something to celebrate and we are proud that each home chose to intensify their natural habitat with our products are thinking the same way as we do.

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Skal is the Vikings Way


From North To South, The Design Aesthetics Of Our Society Fulfills Our Passion To Live. To Celebrate The Diversity

We raise our glasses honoring ancient cultures and cities by including our inspirations into our designs.

Sustainable Sourcing


The Earth We Call Home Is The Soil Which We Create Masterpieces. We Give Back To It Buy Recycling.

We work closely with local wood workshops and source our raw materials from their discarded wood. Reducing waste and helping local businesses.

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Our team

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